Zoinks! Lyrics

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Zoinks! Lyrics

Artist Bif Naked

Last summer in Italy during the festival tour, another band asked a Milanese

journalist what I was like, uhh unbenounced to them a ear shot of my crew , he

says oh you know an angry white female, what a cop out, what a lazy answer,

strangely when I was around any of these press dudes, I was in a very good mood,

being a ham a comic, what gives?? No one who has not been in my bed laming out

with uhh premature ejaculation, or cheaters has ever seen me angry. Ask my last

fiancee why I put a knife to his throat, that was anger. You people haven't seen

it. You think this is anger? This is mild annoyance, and even if I was angry

right this very minute , So what! I should be, and so should you. Look around

you the world is thurally fucked, seriously look around you. A six foot tall

anorexic bimbo with plastic breast is making me feel weird about my own body.

What's up with that seriously, where not completely stupid are we? I know this

sounds like some bitchy rant, but I really feel we got to address this, I

believe in healthy mind healthy body, I believe in fitness and wholesome food, I

believe in make-up for those who chose. I understand essentially body shape is

fashion and trend of the era and trend of the region. I understand Marilyn

Monroe was size 16 dress and no one can deny May Wess was full of sex appeal.

Back then the skinny gurls were kind of rackety, and not vilumptious enough, I

mean logistically we know all this but in are materialistic shallow modern day

society , weh, well I, I, use to think, it was an intelligence quotient kinda

thing, seriously or a maturity issue, Is it truly personal preference? Personal

priority or is it a heard of cows thing, ya know, like were all stupid, shallow

conformists with a low enough IQ to accept of being shown and told the standard

of beauty and blindly following. There is a lack of individualism and

spirituality, an a devote of Kristnia were mascara? Can a Buddhist stain their

lips? It would not matter at all, would it? What insecure egomaniacs we all are.

What is truly important in life? Health? Happiness? Maybe not even happiness,

certainly not beauty. And then on top of all of thisa There is main-stream

media, and the entertainment industrya ZOINKS!aI am FUCKED

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