ZZ Blues Lyrics

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ZZ Blues Lyrics

Artist Sesame Street

Well I've seen a lot of letters and it seems to me There's something real

special 'bout the letter "Z" But boy we're sick of singing 'bout zippers and

zoos There ain't enough "Z" words Got the ZZ Blues You can stick with "zebra"

'cause it's tried and true Maybe mention "zither" just for something new But

once you've shown them "zebra", "zither", "zippers" and "zoos" You're almost out

of "Z" words Got the ZZ Blues Time to write a song about Zanzibar C'mon and sing

along about Zanibar Guess I could be wrong about Zanzibar Going zingy with the

ZZ Blues We're zooming back to zipper 'cause it's still the best Zipping back to

zebra and we need a rest Gettin' tired of thinking Yeah we've paid our dues

There ain't enough Z words Got the ZZ Blues (band starts falling asleep while

still rocking!) Only band I ever worked with to fall asleep and keep playing the

blues! Guess I might as well join 'em and cop some Zs myself! (ends with band

asleep but the music still going!)

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