YAll Scared Lyrics

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YAll Scared Lyrics

Artist Outkast

[T Mo] Piece by piece this puzzle comes together Sever your ties with the bad

guys let the lies go If you wanna be a hoe go 'head and don't be scared Many a

bitch represents and is led Whichever way no I am not gay and really don't give

a fuck bout what you doin Long as I pave the way for my SouthWest GA warriors To

come in packs to feed takin what we need to succeed you know what we gon' do, on

this road We gon' explode, now are you ready for this territory Makin our life

one big story to tell Reality amongst the youth, long as, breath is in my body I

got proof, I am not scared If you scared, say you scared [Gipp] Who's scared? In

this world I am Gipp, in second the mutant The third the Geechee, how many ways

can you reach me? Now most be scully, went from clean to muddy Polished to

shine, the season to rhyme Been down like brown, like dirt to the ground Been

lookin for love, now I bubble like suds Others flew sky high, while others were

duds Live high up on the hills, to escape the floods Situation they change, like

faces and names Went from cool to plain, from lame to flame Man down or not, man

plans or plots Give a FUCK what you think, we ain't movin out this spot And I am

out If you scared, say you scared [Andre Benjamin] Yo, paragraph indent, I make

intense sense Niggaz on that Gil Scott dope (hint hint) At age fifteen they

start smokin Billy Clint' Now he's twenty-one and wants to know where the time

went Hey hey hey what's the haps? Well see your time elapsed Have you ever

thought of the meaning of the word trapped Baboon on your back, but what's sad

is that crack was introduced to hispanic communities and blacks But then it

spread to white and got everyone's undivided attention Cause your daughter is on

it and you can't hide it Maybe your son tried it, rehab too crowded You scared,

she scared, they scared, I said they scared they scared to talk about it bout it

bout it bout it bout it bout it * repeats and fades * If you scared, say you

scared [Big Boi] February 1st, 1975's my birthdate The player the B-O-I, was

brought onto this Earth on Thursday I think see, my cap I twist it back from all

the dank But if you see me on the Ave, you betta believe I tote that shank So

what y'all though bruh? I gotta protect my name and what we fought for

Southernplayalistic ATLiens in your sock drawer No lockjaw, we got that raw shit

and all the trimmings Even though we got two albums, this one feel like the

beginning The intro, the Goodie we kinfolk, nigga it's fin to jump off But now

it's time I lay low cause I believe the track gon' cut off Psych, the track is

bumpin like pussies on some dykes So if you scared say you scared cause

everybody can die tonight Cause my heart don't pump no Slushee You touch my

niggaz you touch me I blow up the micraphone like Marilyn Manson, you can't hush

me Yeah [Khujo] Heat'll make anything move Even Tyson, can get laid down, with

this tool Just cause the name say Goodie, you take us for fools out they rabbit

ass mind, don't give me mine, I go off like mines blowin suckers to smithereens,

we was never folks If we fell out over this lil' cream Or let some soft legs

come in between our dreams We live like Kings, and die like fuckin men I don't

care how rough you roll, we can't be shut down Ain't no openin up shop, we

already established You lap doggin, we boss hoggin Grown men, don't beg for

attention Keep wishin, high heels clickin Paper champions, leavin with they feet

behind Zap em for the pumpkin, at twelve on the bottom bunk, holla at me Six to

the left, last one, can't turn over with dirt on ya Slain dead, devils, don't

have enough to purchase my essence in da head, missin ounces, zip code, eight

miles Suckas, think I got they package but they still eatin moo-moo, oink-oink

and fowl-fowl-fowl-fowl.. *repeats* The truth hurts, but you can't be scared of

it So remember that, OutKast, Goodie Mo.B. still standin for somethin while

y'all fallin for nothin Stop dyin over this lil concrete and lil paper We get

this shit together our power's enormous You can deny the lie but you can't deny

the truth You scared, you scared, say you scared!

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