Xxplosive Lyrics

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Xxplosive Lyrics

Artist Dr. Dre

[Hittman] Xxplosive, West coast shit My nigguh-ish ways attract, girls that used

to turn they back Causin me to yank they arm and pose like I would do the harm

Now I am sayin thank you cause they tell me, my shit's the bomb Xxplosive..

..for my niggaz drinkin Cognac, smokin weed, always pack mo' than one, firearm,

chrome rims, ridin on Chronic in yo' system, let me know, my shit's the bomb -

Xxplosive.. [Kurupt] West coast shit nigga Overdosage - imperial pistols

ferocious Fuck a bitch; don't tease bitch, strip tease bitch Eat a bowl of these

bitch, gobble the dick Hoes forgot to eat a dick can shut the fuck up! Gobble

and swallow a nut up, shut up and get my cash Backhanded, pimpslapped backwards

and left stranded Just pop ya collar, pimp convention hoes for a dollar

Six-Deuce in a plush, six-deuce impala Pimpin hoes from Texas to Guatemala Bitch

niggaz paid for hoes, just to lay wit hoes Relax one night, and paid to stay wit

hoes Captain Save'Em all day (bitch) well save this dick Bitch nigga, you more

of a bitch than a bitch You ain't into hittin pussy, or hittin the switch You

into hittin bitches off of the grip, you punk bitch [Nate Dogg] All my real

Doggs still kick it wit me All my down hoes still trickin wit me All the true

gangstas know Nate ain't never love no hoe All the hoodrats still shake it for

me All my true fans still checkin for me All the real smokers know They ain't

passin nuttin but dope indeed... Real trees... Chronic leaves... No seeds...

When I had you last night, baby Before - I blew yo' mind, (blew-blew-blew your

mind) I thought we had a chance, lady No more - now that I am sober you ain't

that fine Hmmm-hmmmhmmmm... Don't wanna treat you wrong Don't wanna lead you on

Here baby, hit the bong while the west coast rolls along While we - still makin

gangsta hits You'll be - still jockin gangsta dicks Damn girl you think you

slick Somebody better get this biiitch, this biiiitch [Six-Two] I got these

freaky hoes Clappin they hands, stompin they feet Every now and then they put

they mouth on me Nowadays a G like me can't even call it A 23-year old pussy

fiend and freakaholic Pimpin bitches on the regular, I put that on the G A

hustler and a player, nowadays it pays to be Lemme drop some shit about this

bitch I used to know She gave ya boy the head and said don't let nobody know A

bonafide pro, I had to grab the hoe She got freaky in yo' sixty-fo', I skeeted

in her throat Been knowin the hoe for fo' days, pimpery pays And I bet you

didn't know that she go both ways She ate her best friend, I left them hoes at

the mote' They be beepin me and shit, but we don't kick it no mo' Them hot hoes

is fiendin, they on the nuts But beitch, I am out ya pussy when I nut, f'real


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