X Is Coming Lyrics

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X Is Coming Lyrics

Artist DMX

[Kid] 1, 2, X is comin' for you 3, 4, you better lock your door 5, 6, get your

crucifix 7, 8, don't stay up late [DMX] Chorus 1, 2, X is comin' for you 3, 4,

better lock your door 5, 6, get your crucifix 7, 8, don't stay up late Who's

afraid of the dark? responsible for the murders in the park When I bark, they

hear the boom, but you see the spark And I seen the part of your head which used

to be your face Was replaced by nothin' for bluffin', what a waste Niggaz wanna

see me taste my own medicine Picture that, get on some old second grade shit, I

ama get you back Retaliate, if it hates for you to think I took a loss When all

I did was shook it off Yeah, you heard me, shook it off Man, if we was up north,

niggaz would have been fucked you But then we in the streets, niggaz should

haven been stuck you Plucked you like a chicken wit' your head cutoff They'll

find you wit' your back open and your legs cutoff And as for your man, don't you

ever in your mutherfuckin' life Know when I gotta gun come at me wit' a knife,

a'ight? And forgettin' you ever saw me is the best thing to do Don't give a fuck

about your family, they'll be resting with you Chorus(x2) You got yourself in a

predicament, that you can't get out of You already in some shit, but it's about

to get hotter Fuckin' wit' a, nigga like you, runnin' your mouth Will, have that

same nigga like you, gun in your mouth But won't be like the last time when you

run in the house 'Cuz I ain't knockin' on the door I am comin in the house and I

am gunnin' for your spouse Tryin' to send the bitch back to her maker And if you

got a daughter older then 15, I ama rape her Take her on the living room floor,

right there in front of you Then ask you seriously, whatchu wanna do?

Frustratin', isn't it? When they kill me, but I ama kill you Now watch me fuck

just a lil' while longer, please, will you? This is revenge, no time before you

die And despite how much I hate to see a grown man cry I ama make you suffer,

see your ass in hell, motherfucker Click, BOOM, BOOM See your ass in hell

Chorus(x2) When I speak you better listen The harder it gets, the more follows

And I am hittin' 'em wit' shit that they can't all swallow I keep my slugs

hollow, keep families with sorrow Keep motherfuckers like you, not seein'

tomorrow I will borrow a gun, then run 'til I catch you Let you slip up, just

once, then I ama wet you Stretch you out like a limousine 'Cuz where I catch you

is where I catch you That's what killin' means Fuck whoever's standin' there

when you get what you got comin' 'Cuz once I hit you in your head, the witnesses

start runnin' Niggaz started somethin', but they chose not to finish it So I ama

wrap it up, for real, dog, 'cuz I ama winner, shit Fuck it yo, let's end this

shit, I don't need the plaques And I ain't a DJ, nigga, so I don't need the wax

Gimme slugs from my gats Gimme hoods from my rats Gimme wood from my bats Then

they meet where the fuck I am at, for real Chorus(x2) Chorus fade to kids voices

...late (echoed and faded to end)

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