Vulcan Lyrics

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Vulcan Lyrics

Artist Snake River Conspiracy

Fuck! Your unmistaken smile You make me wanna straggle you Fuck! You hundreds of

flavors I feel sad the snakes killed you Hey, you forgot your rights man Your 69

sedan Hey, you fuckin fagot just go just Stucking on my thumb Just like the

child you think i am You've managed to convince yourself But i don't think you

can Manage me! me me me Life! you starting story ended by the vision learned In!

A maroom sweatshirt so you can blend in on earth Shit! has he lost his mind can

he see or is he just blind? sucking on your brain just like the zobies want to

revive you can talk me into fucking you but I don't think you'd servive to find

me! me me me Get your room Take me anyway With your phone In your mouth when you

say Yes! [...] Fuck! [...] i kiss you but your covered in piss Fuck! are you

threatening me? Your soul is forty, but mine is the best Fuck! have you lost

your mind? sucking on your life just like the hole your living in your

complaining all the time but now the sucking really begins with me, with me,

with me! me! with me! me! with me, me me me me me me me me me!

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