Vitamin Lyrics

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Vitamin Lyrics

Artist Incubus

I am born I am alive I breathe In a moment or two I realize, that the sphere

upon which I reside, is asleep on its feet. should I go back to sleep? We orbit

the sun I grow up my open eyes see... A zombified, somnambulist society. Leaving

us as vitamins for the hibernating human animal. Do you see what I mean? You

stare at me like a vitamin On the surface you hate, but you know you need me.

I'll come dressed as any pill you deem fit. Whatever helps you swallow truth all

the more easily. And I wonder, will you digest me? Into the sleep machine I

won't plug in, in fact I'd rather die before I will comply. To you, my friend, I

write the reason I still live, 'cause in my mind it's set the vitamin is ripe to

give Coming closer to another 2000 years you and I will pry the closed eye of

the sleep machine

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