Utha Side Lyrics

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Utha Side Lyrics

Artist Nelly

(chorus) I said you don't really wanna go, I can tell But I am gone take you

anyway what the hell So come on get on in the ride And let me take you to the

other side x2 Inhale exhale I heard you're your clientele I am doing well I see

your woman out in the STL She's a fine honey that's ? I heard you even got a

child now (look at that) A baby momma and a bow-wow My nigga know you need to

calm down F-for County run up in your house But you don't wanna hear that

though, it's too late Now the feds knocking at your door, you took the bait They

got taps on your mobile phone They do surveillance all around your home Now

you're piling everything you own Calling on your partners for a loan No more

slip and sliding on the chrome Your good days have come and gone I tried to tell

you (chorus) Now baby girl what's your name? And tell me what's your claim to

fame Oh I can tell you do your thing Just by checking out your diamond ring I

see you at the mall every day Buying shanelle, fendi, Donna K Plus I heard they

took your job away And that you keep your shit on lay away You got a four-five

in Philly D you living large Like your last name was Kennedy or El' Debarge Oh I

just can't believe, that you made that money richeously The kids asking what

they mommy do And why she lock us in the bedroom I think mommy getting paid to

screw Cause every night it's a different dude I tried to tell (chorus) Little

man how old are you (you can tell me) And what you doing skipping school I see

you running with your lil' crew Y'all be fighting over read and blue So now you

wanna claim gangs Even heard you bought a (?) that ain't it You started out with

chronic on the grain Now you're smoking other fettamain I ain't trying to sway

your dreams Just trying to show you, that's it's other ways to make cream (Take

it from me) Just go to school and make something of Your young life and watch it

blow up You ain't gotta stop being cool Don't even gotta stop flosin' fancy

jewels (and fast cars) Just keep it real with your game son And don't forget

were you came from I am trying to tell ya (chorus x4 to a fade)

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