Unleash The Dragon Lyrics

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Unleash The Dragon Lyrics

Artist Sisqo

[Sisqo] The Dragon What I am about to do I am sure nobody expected But that's

what I do Y'all know me Know me now? I am about to release the dragon Uh, uh,

come on Here I come Niggas hold me back Try to hold him back Cause I am about to

let the dragon Attack, who? (Who?) You so get out my way It's a new millennium

It's a brand new day Bugged out niggas Thugged out niggas I don't really care

you're are all my niggas I am about to let the dragon out Na, na, na, na, na,

na, na, na 1 - [Sisqo] Y'all niggas gonna make me Unleash the dragon I know you

don't really wanna Unleash the dragon Niggas if ya hear me say yeah Shorties if

ya hear me say yeah Repeat 1 [Sisqo] So what's the dragon? Uh what's the dragon?

It's when you try to hold in your style and Niggas got me pissed like Lil' Kim

So I am about to switch the industry again Your hands up shorties Stand up

shorties I am about to shake the whole land up shorties We about to let the

dragon out Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na Repeat 1(2x) [Beanie] (Yeah, yeah, uh

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Yo I don't think y'all cats want Mac to release

the dragon Catch me in all black underneath your wagon Plaques deep in the

detonator I can see you and I see you on a respirator Y'all cats all know how

this one go B-Mac rap guerrilla with the official flow Any beef with my peeps

then let the pistols blow I am lay back for now and let Sisqo flow Repeat 1 (2x)

[Sisqo] Uh, 2G, Sisqo nigga what? Uh-huh, yo I ain't thugged out All I am doing

is letting y'all niggas know That I am about to unleash the dragon In the year

2G 2- [Sisqo] Unleash the dragon Unleash the dragon Yeah, yeah Repeat 2

w/ad-libs till end [Sisqo] Is you with me? Let me see your hands up Yeah, nigga

what? I am about to let it go I am about to let you know Sisqo, 2G Roll with me

and you'll see Nigga what?

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