Teachers, Dont Teach Us Nonsense! Lyrics

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Teachers, Dont Teach Us Nonsense! Lyrics

Artist Leaders of the New School

Good afternoon Mr. Mangini (Good afternoon) Yeah, I've got ahh.. three problems

in my class (Mmmhmm) The first one is the Dinco D (Yeah right) He's always

zoning out, spacing (Put him in detention!) [Dinco D] Don't ring the bell I am

not comin to CLASS Teachers bein preachers how the hell can I PASS? First day of

school and would zone to the rear with a blind spot view and a one leg chair I

asked when WHAT when WHAT when class ends The teacher points at the door: "Go be

with your friends!" YUP! My rep was in effect to keep in step So I stopped to

drop bombs for a check Cause all I learned was when where why what and who And

then I asked "Do you think this is true?" OUT! like a strike that's three and a

number Public education is makin some dumber Further and further away, doin it

out of sight In a year the young, teacher should teach right No class for a

pupil without a pass but gun Back in to pass but now in ninety-one B-BALL wavin

pom-poms to cheers Screaming for the team, who asks "Where do we go from here?"

Second problem is the C Brown (Yeah right?) He's always playing kazoos (Uh-huh)

Making outrageous noises (Right) Ad-libs... what should I do with him? (Yo put

him in detention too!) [Charlie Brown] Welllll, how now brown cow? Make the

girls go OOOH-AHH-OOOH-AHH! School is shaky, sometimes flaky Plenty frustrating,

cheesy and cake-y Why? AHH Why? AHH Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... I was never on

time Always cuttin, goin to the GYM Stem and then I hear it's him The one, THE

ONE, C Browwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn This extra curriculum is beating them down Ask the

teachers, to teach me somethin I can use, because they're teachin me nothin I

tried to comply his lies, never dies insides, so I replied "What about life? The

real (THE REAL) uncut uncensored deal (DEAL)" I must not go AHH in class I won't

pass, at last for the blast Stop the brainwash, hang out to dry Nonsense I am

convinced it's lies Truth to the youth is necessary Important? Damn! I'd say

very March! HUT ONE HUT TWO! C'mon, March! HUT THREE HUT FOUR! I'd say just

educate yourself Don't depend on your school for help Read and write, cause

it's, evidence Cause teachers, yo, they be teachin us NONSENSE Now last but not

least it's a Busta Rhymes (Yeah I know which one you're talking about) He's

always talking to the girls, talking in class starting trouble, throwin

spitballs (Yeah he's a hardcore problem, uhh... detention!) [Busta Rhymes] YO!!

Wake up in the morning to a big fat WOW! Gotta get to school, on time anyHOW! In

school, the brainwash epidemic Gotta hit em back with a rhyme calisthetic Got

enough beef with the kids who be switchin Now I am in school, and yo the teacher

starts riffin this and that, and yo it's all irrelevant As I get older gotta

build my own intelligence TEACHER, what are you doin Is it my rhymes that you're

really tryin to ruin Back of the class then I come FORTH The water lies between

us, it's time to CROSS Me being the younger, him the elder If we were in a war,

he thinks I surrender Kids on the block just scramblin AHHH Cause the teacher's

in class just babblin OOOH They're teachin nonsense, teachin total nonsense Then

they wonder why we so disobedience HUH, he tried to break my back HUH, I come,

like black on the attack Young and the Restless, teacher don't test this If you

try to front, you'll be sure to get this POW BOOM BANG, straight to the grill

Teach the truth yo, relax and chill Pronunciation, vexed I am pissed Yo my man

you better stop teachin us that nonsense RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH There

it go like that! Alright Mr. Mangini, aahh, what do you suggest that we do about

Busta Rhymes, Charlie Brown, and Dinco D? (Those three problems? They're never

gonna amount to anything anyway Throw em all out, expel em) HELL NO! WE WON'T

GO! *repeat and fade*

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