Take My Hand (bonus track) Lyrics

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Take My Hand (bonus track) Lyrics

Artist Dido

touch my skin, and tell me what you're thinking take my hand, and show me where

we're going lie down next to me and keep that body showin or tell me who your

dreams are strickly for. Culture or another vulture getting cream a goldigger,

oh, tell me what you're seeing sit on top of the world and tell me how you're

feeling what you feel now is what i feel for you take my hand and if im lying to

you I'll always be alone If im lying to you, look in my eyes they carry your

refelction watch my lips and hear the words im sayin to you give your trust to

me and look into my heart and show me show me what you want dont front if im

lying to you take your time dont rewind dont remind me of the high times its all

a maze to me im goin crazy gettin lazy cause the endo mixed with your voice in

the air destroys me bitch this bitch that you believe me now when your flat on

your back. feel the sun on your face and tell me what you're thinking catch the

snow on your tounge and keep on blinkin keep thinkin of this illusional world so

beautiful; girl did 20 hits at a time ; mind sinking designer drugs on her mind.

You think she gives a damn about you or how much morly you do. Your strait wrong

, dead right take a look back at our fights. Your fucken tight get off your dirt

bike,studdering 44 bars jus like you know who cant catch the gingrgman fool so

get out and stay out the happiness you played out fuck you an your bitch from

here to forever i dont want you nomore im sick of hearing bout your whore......

What did i love you for? if im lying to you take your time and if im lying to

you i know you'll find that you believe me you believe me I am not lyin to you,

so dont deceive me dont deceive me

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