Take It Off Lyrics

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Take It Off Lyrics

Artist Busta Rhymes

Take off your shoes Make you dance in your socks For blocks Nigga be dippin a

million. What, hot! Better pause and take a look. There's a whole lot of whores.

Run up in a storm. Bitch a try to take you for yours for sure. Word up yo! And

just get what you can. Catch it, so just play it on a record And take it off

until you ass naked. Word to mother. Shorty stack like a horse. Pushin a force.

Lookin to floss. Diana Ross. Flow better. One of the biggest seller. Tell me

what ever. Wether a nigga stack mozzarella I am a get ya. I ain't comin with ya.

Hit ya, with another scripture That will really split ya. Make sure the fact you

wack. And we don't need none of that. Keepin it movin. Now tell me, where my

nigga's is at? Yo, from here to Brook. Nigga's is shook, look. I make you sing

the hawk Shake your ass. Wiggle your foot. I make you CHORUS: TAKE IT OFF. Shit

so hot we make you. TAKE IT OFF. Give me what you got nigga. TAKE IT OFF. And we

hit the right spot baby. TAKE IT OFF. And everybody if you with me just TAKE IT

OFF. Shit so hot we make you TAKE IT OFF. Give me what you got nigga TAKE IT

OFF. And when I hit the right spot baby TAKE IT OFF And if you with me everybody

just TAKE IT OFF. Wiggle and bounce baby. More to the ounce baby That's what I

be about baby. Give me a shout baby. All up in your body. Whipping the mazorati

Through the city With one of my hottie. I am on my way to the party. Meet with

my nigga Marty And little and Colie Scotti. Sippin Baccardi. 'Till you know we

whylin up everybody. Whip about to cause. All in the jam Nigga's whylin out at

the bar. (OHH) We keep it movin (OHH) Every time yo. (ooh) Shit that make your

DJ Spin it back 4 times yo. Let it rain and let it drizzles Heat in the club be

makin you sizzle All of the bitches right in the middle. (WORD UP) I make yall

nigga's smooth. Making you sweat. Making you get busy. Got yall nigga's loosin

your breath. So I started working this way. Pass the sting rays. See me Kunta

Kintai. Check the way me ringai. Hey Mister DJ Hit with a replay Check it Hey

why you all in my face. Give me some leeway. Got you doin' what we say. Other

nigga's racin And whylin all on a freeway Rushin to get in a club And get all up

in the place Get inside and see FLIPMODE in your face (ooh) Now let me take you

nigga's straight to the point. Now get the party. Radio be still bangin my

joint. Turn it up a little while I make you. CHORUS

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