Say What You Want (All Day, Every Day) (Extended Mix) Lyrics

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Say What You Want (All Day, Every Day) (Extended Mix) Lyrics

Artist Texas

[Verse 1] Method Man As I walk in the shadow of death 16 men on a dead man's

chest Your host this eve Mister H-O-T N-I-X ya get splashed with the tec' No

body go till the God say so You got a second M-O To run for the dough Before I

blow back off the math contact You didn't know stack coz you down like that

[Chorus Part1] Sharleen Spitteri And when ah get that feelin' I can no longer

slide I can no longer run, oh no no And when I get that feelin' Ah can no longer

hide For there's no longer fall, I don't know Meth All day every day [Chorus

Part2] Sharleen Yeah, you can say what you want But it won't change my mind I'll

feel the same About you And you can tell me your reasons But it won't change my

feelings I'll feel the same about you [Verse 2] Meth See my pinky See my thumb

See that kid with the pump-shot-gun Mister Mef, hold the fort most def Cats is

dead wrong Song's too long Mister-Big Mouth, could that be tra' You need to dish

out your style No doubt Shaolin strut through the Shaolin slum Rum-pum-pum on ma

Shaolin drum [Chorus] Meth All day every day [Chorus Part 2] [Verse 3] Sharleen

I've said good night Tried to sleep tight Meth One time for you crooked ass Two

time for your crooked ass Sharleen I just dream of being Go close your eyes coz

I've closed mine Meth Three time for your crooked ass, wuh Four time for your

crooked ass Ahhhh, will you dream of me Yeahhhh [Chorus] [Chorus repeats] Momma

used to say be a ladies man, yuh yuh yuh All day, every day If you slip up get

up what up when you step up to challenge Staten Island, in the balance What up,

you smilin' You better check yo' cal-en-der For the Methtical slug, uh uh

[Chorus repetition ends] John John Blazini All day every day, with the souffle'

All you cats got to react, to jump back Kiss yourself, fore you get smacked By

the my appa-ra-tus comin' through with the stat-us Connect-in', lethal weapon,

lethal injection Visual unseen, like gene When I had men, I'm unforgiven Locked

in prison, in the Wu-Tang dirty dungeon You should come into my 12 bar dirty

dozen Love you to death now, kiss of death Every body wants to do what they

gotta do, to breath, try to eat Your minds on the rhymin', dancin', runnin' in

money They get dope biz, step in the square, cats n' Clan over here Playas'

Yeah, an' it's all G-O-NEE Hehe

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