Quiet Storm (White Lines) Lyrics

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Quiet Storm (White Lines) Lyrics

Artist Mobb Deep

[Prodigy] I put my lifetime in between the paper's lines I am that quiet storm

nigga who fight rhyme P yea u heard of him but I ain't concerned with them nigga

I pop more guns than u holdin them make my rotweiller sons out and scold your

men unload ten in braw day light get right fuck your life hop on my '98 dirt

bike u try to stop mines from growin I make your blood stop flowin take

affirmative action to any ass if he ask it I become the mack-10 you's a dick

blower tryin to speak the dun language what the drilly with that though it ain't

bangin' u hooked on mobb phonics infamous-bonics lying to the pop dog like u got

it you ain't wildin out for the night fish blower rusty shank holder we live

this shit [Chorus]2X [Havoc] It's the real shit nigga make u feel shit[the

real......] bump it in the clubs shit have you wildin out when bump

this[hip-hop.....] drugs to your ear drum the raw uncut have a nigga OD but it's

never enough [Prodigy] Ay yo the P rock 40 inch cables drinkin white label my

chain hang down to my dick my piece bang glass tables diamonds and guns before

the fame duke a nigga like me hold tecs are you the same too goin through the

emotions of gun holdin long shotguns down my pants leg limpin Killa-B you still

livin even my pops too he taught me how to shoot when I was 7 yo I used to bust

shots crazy I couldn't even look because the loud sound used to scare me[POW!] I

love my pops for that I love my nigga E-Black I'll take the life of anyone who

tryin to change what's left and then through all of that a nigga ain't scared of

death all y'all brand new niggas just scared to death I spent too many night

sniffin' coke gettin' right wastin' my life now I am tryin to make things right

grand open some gates invest in the rap business do things for the kids[the

little duns] build a jungle gym behind the crib so they can enjoy youth

CBRs,VCRs,ATV and big screen TVs nigga please don't make me have to risk my

freedom we spent our whole life for this you'll get your shit beat in.....[The

real] Chorus 1X [Prodigy] It go 1,2,3 to the 4th that nigga P-double got that

shit for y'all people to rock to stirrin up pots of brew in hell's kitchen I am

chef the impossible servin' hot plates all across the unified states sit down

and sup with top rap reps all across we board move diligent you better walk like

nigga on the tight rope duke infamous 1st infantry 1st division,4th mission 1st

assignment give 'em that shit they been missin my new edition's way bitchin'

those that listen get addicted to my diction fuck rhymes I write prescriptions

for your disease generic rap's just not potent like P's 1,100 ccs on the

throttle I peel off chest naked on Katanas spaghetti head mobb niggas is full

bred full blown militin tone I rock the skeleton bone thirst for verses and

thirst for worse beats so I can put more product out on the street get respect

and love all across the board we've been endured for keepin it raw nothin less

or more I score everytime for sure while the rest of y'all niggas just i'll

Chorus 2X

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