Questions Lyrics

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Questions Lyrics

Artist Insane Clown Posse

Why? Why do these questions come to mind When the answer is just so far away?

The questions I ask myself everyday [Verse 1: Shaggy + J, back and forth] Why?

Everytime I reach for the sky, I can only reach so high, Why? Why? Everytime I

headbutt a brick wall, I always crack my skull, Why? Why? Everytime I stab

somebody, I am always gettin my clothes bloody, Why? Why? Everytime I drive down

the wrong of the street, everybody wanna beep, Why? Why? Everytime I bunk and I

sell rock, I wind up in a cell block, Why? Why? Everytime I shoot somebody in

the face, pigs get to chase, Why? Why? Everytime I drink a little gasoline, I

shit my splein, Why? Why? When I try to fly like a birdy I wind up on a gurdy,

dead tell me why Chorus - repeat 2X Won't you tell me why? Someone tell me why?

Jesus tell me why? I was born to fly [Verse 2] Why? Everytime I swallow a

flathead nail, my neck feels stale, Why? Why? Everytime I contact dark spirits,

they wanna break my mirrors, Why? Why? Everytime I choke a friend's neck, he

don't come back, Why? Why? Everytime I stab my eyes with an icepick, I can't see

shit, Why? Why? Everytime I play chicken with a train, it wins the game, Why?

Why? Everytime I wake the dead up, they try to eat my head up, Why? Why?

Everytime I see my reflection, I see no direction, Why? Why? Everytime I order a

taco, you want a bite motherfucka? Tell me why Chrous 2X "I admit I kind of

screamed" - 7X w/ various dj scratches Why? Everytime I raise my arms in

celebration, player hation, Why? Why? Just cause I am dead, decayed, and passed,

you give me no ass, Why? Why? Everytime I chew on thumbtacks, I get blood on my

snacks, Why? Why? Everytime I kick Faygos in the sky, you wanna know why!Why?

Why? Why? Everytime an angel wanna kiss me, it always seems to miss me, Why?

Why? Why does Shangro La seem so far away, you bettter leave today NO MATTER

WHY! (repeated over the chorus) Chorus 5X Tell me why, (you will tell me) Why?

Tell me why, (have to tell me) Why? Tell me why, (you will tell me) Why? Tell me

why, let me ask you NO MATTER WHY! (repeated over the chorus) Chorus 2X

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