Philly Philly Lyrics

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Philly Philly Lyrics

Artist Eve

[Beenie Siegal] Beenie Siegal Philly is where I am from [Beenie Siegal] We from

P H I L A period PA period Eve they hearing it Believe they fearing it but

loving it though I hate the game fuck the fame but I am loving the dough You

couldn't tell me in a million years And a thousands bars that I roam the

reservoir with dogs Show the world what "crew love" was about Drop adrenaline.

"4 5 6" I showed them what a thug was about I know you love flossing wit X,

busting them checks Getting tattoos, paw prints on your chest I aint' mad, baby

get that cash Make them hating bitches kiss your ass Ruff Ryde lift that strap I

am gon walk till I see how these flee's gon feel When I come through wit the

whip with the bee's on the wheel Burgundy thing, cream gut, cherry wood Steering

wheel, or be surround by the wing on the hood I know they like "how they

collide" He roll wit Roc, you Ruff Ryde but we black friday tied How you think

they gon feel seeing us grammy night Let me tell you, a bunch of if, and's and

mics Billboard charts, source ad and mics And if I say so myself "goddamn we

tight" Fuck being humble ain't no other way to end this We ain't open up the

doors, we knocked that bitch up off the hinges Chorus Oh Philly, Philly, Philly

where I am from Philly, Philly Philly where I am from Philly, Philly Philly

where I am from Philly, Philly Philly where I am from [Eve] Yo, yo yo No doubt

we represent P-H-I-L-A period E-V-E eve period, fuck wit Beenie period We gon

hold it down for illdelph for life Came through made a name nigga nailed it

tight And now we shine, been knew, shit it was about time Switched from streets

to beats, platinum lines Used to struggle in the hood just to brodie the mic

Took the fame cause they ain't give it us, now we excite The biggest crowds and

they screaming loud PHILLY THE SHIT Rocc-a-fella rap guerrilla, blond bombshell

bitch I Ruff Ryde, take your mind shit you doing the same Work hard now the

streets stay shouting our names Fame is funny, get money, snakes in the grass

When the hostility shows, niggas face get smashed But I stay grounded, brick

house stallion My bitches keep me real while I make millions Pile it all, we gon

have it all any minute Give it back the hood and we gon ball in a minute Cause

any thing we want, we gon have it on our plates Matter of time before we killed

the beans it was our fate And cats were stressed, gave it all they expected less

Disrespect take it back the hood, protect your chest Try to break us but we

broke through Got the job done, that's what's up Running shit now tell them

where I am from Chorus: Oh Philly, Philly Philly where I am from Phily, Philly

Philly where I am from Philly, Philly Philly where I am from Philly, Philly

Philly where I am from Philly, Philly Philly where I am from

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