Nobody Likes Me Lyrics

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Nobody Likes Me Lyrics

Artist Mobb Deep

[Prodigy] Uh Hu Uh Hu Lines pop like bottles of Mo Bonin ya ho Leave 'em open

like a 20 a blow Fiening to cop more Rhymes rusty like nails Spit 'em catch lock

jaw Cook shit spit it up sit it on the floor To prevent lop side I never slam

the door To never get shitted on don't put my faith in whores Never let my

information leak thru my forewall They say I am all to sick cause I screen my

calls No matter if I am in the right, I am a probable cause Keep my stash ???

while your guns get tossed Niggas live by the law then they die by the law Then

I live by the gat and I am a die by that Dun I used to be the tunnel now we

regular ?spress? Son it's strictly dom bitches never catch me with rats QB where

I took my first H we rep Never leave the projects and ya'll know the rest

(Chorus) Nobody likes me everybody hates me so I got to pack my gun We carry big

ones small ones sneak 'em into clubs dun if you ever catch me run Nobody likes

me everybody hates me so I got to pack my gun We carry big ones small ones sneak

'em into clubs dun if you ever catch me run [havoc] A yo you ran, started

feeling numb in your hand Felt something dripping looked down seen your arm

leaking You get excited and start to panic Lucky for you, ya had your track

shoes on and blew it My arch louder than a Doberman bark Sober you up, challenge

your heart, see where its at I caught this on dude tried to shank me Stupid fuck

frankly I pulled out and left his ass soggy Keep rhyming on the Ragu can't seem

to shake it Ruger on the left side of my hips for maitnence I fix all your

problems, handle it bitch Use a maytag nigga and ya won't do shit After you shot

you got all emotional with mommy Laying in emergency throw the ?dease? on me

Squeeller I thought you was a drug dealer thug killer but at the end you kept it

realer That's why.. (chorus) [Prodigy] A yo I leave a last impression when my

shit gets scared Tying to hang with the elite but a nigga got bought When it's

time to mello out stare straight into stars Then I sabotage your brain with

these last 8-balls With your ice grill making me laugh on your behalf Have a

nigga skin graph I am talking out of the ass Play you like the ab getting bent

off, credit from poppy Nock niggas down when I get like that So start me [Havoc]

I am putting holes like the pores ??? with bacardi My gun dun step aside the

place and make heads spin Are shit, it go to mobb nigga keep your distance Fake

fucks keep coming out using infamous I'll say it for the last motherfucking time

bitches Come with your own shit or get stomped and shot By Queens bridge at the

next industry convention That's why... (chorus repeat till end)

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