NYMP Lyrics

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NYMP Lyrics

Artist Jay-Z

[Jay Z] Geyeah NYMP the realest uhh This is educated thug MU SIC niggaz Life's a

battle mean streets eat you alive Blocks'll have you tryin to maintain your

course through the potholes and gravel Hot holes and what have you tryin to

clock dough Foes tryin to pop shots through you by code Pigs tryin to grab you

and lock up your soul Through the Hot Apple nighttime shots crackle (bucka bucka

bucka) Fiends tryin to gaffle you Not only cokeheads but the Feds in the

Mercuray Topaz after you, up the avenue Tryin to give you big numbers, you got

math to do Tryin to make you miss summer, shit, that ain't cool I caught smaller

cases tryin to get cap or two Up against the wall, tryin to pass through

Ghost-like, hear the cries from the tortured souls Most nights, I hold my toast

tight, and it goes like Chorus: Jay-Z N.Y.M.P., the realest niggaz N.Y.M.P., the

realest niggaz Uhh, uh-huh-uh-UHH, N.Y.M.P. the realest Marcy.. Brooklyn..

[Jay-Z] Yo; I come through, gettin money, sittin on twenties Niggaz throwin me

shade, but ain't shit sunny Hot shells only thing niggaz could get from me

Cocktails thrown in your living room, KA-BOOM I am so confrontational; they

shoulda never let me go on probation yo I am a hustler; except that.. no

correctional facilities can correct that I took a step back, I viewed myself,

seen where my head was at It's where that dough is homey, gotta get that Gotta

get away, some try but head back Uhh, street smart niggaz got left back Some

died, they left stacks Me, I ball right, and on top of that I am dog nice Jigga

been cold as fuck before ice Not before Christ, but a long fuckin time Get your

mind right niggaz Chorus: Jay-Z N.Y.M.P., the realest Uh-huh-uh-UHH, N.Y.M.P.,

the realest niggaz Uhh uh-huh, uh-UHH, N.Y.M.P. the realest niggaz Marcy.. feel

me.. [Jay-Z] I looked Death in the face years back I held tears back, I gathered

myself and stared back I am from where you don't crack, the weak don't live You

gotta bounce back homey, the streets don't give I take and rape villages, who

gon' stop him? Not Rudy Guiliani, not Hillary Rodham Still I still pop him Shit

I grassy knoll and hilltop him, it's all political now I think big when I spit

at you now Between my dog and the figures, the four gonna get'cha Between life

and death, they killed my spirit So what little life I got left, y'all can

expect me to ball I ? myself, teacher said I was a lost cause cause I used to

roam them halls Still I spit knowledge, dropped out of high school, skipped

college Who woulda thought I'd make it "Big" like Ms. Wallace? Chorus: Jay-Z

Uhh, yeah, N.Y.M.P., the realest niggaz Brooklyn, what? N.Y.M.P., the realest

niggaz Uhh, uh-huh-uh-UHH, N.Y.M.P. the realest niggaz Marcy.. Brooklyn,

N.Y.M.P. the realest, feel me [Jay-Z] Educated, thug mu-sic niggaz This is

Brooklyn, this is gangsta, this is project Real shit, N.Y.M.P. the realest

niggaz Marcy, Brooklyn, stompin grounds Fuck with me

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