Love Jones Lyrics

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Love Jones Lyrics

Artist Keith Sweat

[Playa] We can go on and on [Erick Sermon] Ah ha one two y'all [Too Short] Uh uh

nobody ah [Eric Sermon] Woo woo this is E Short Dog and Sweat We vets Coming

through hot to death place your bets Baguettes swing from the neck Make wanna be

playas show us mad respect (word up) Yo dog (whassup?) He daughter said it's

cheaper to keep her If she gets fly then, hmmmm (leave her) E, G hooked it up,

Short dog and Sweat Got the average girl wanna inhale and catch her breath

(What, what, what, what) [Playa] 1 - We can go on and on We can go on and on

Don't sleep on Our love jones Cuz we got it goin' on You know it ain't wrong We

can go on and on We can go on and on and on and on Our love jones Not to be

sleepin' on We can go along [Keith Sweat] In the morning when the sunlight hits

my eyes I just lay there thinkin' how your lovin' keeps me in a jive Ain't no

question, you can love me baby Like nobody can What you do to me, my baby girl I

just don't understand Now we can go on Repeat 1 I would never ever, baby do you

wrong (ha) In the midnight hour I will always keep this lovin' strong Just

surrender your love, baby girl, and I'll surrender mine All I wanna do right

now, my girl, is baby, take my time (Huh, nah-mean, word up) So we can go on

Repeat 1 [Too Short] Hey, yo baby Ain't got no tatoos But when I walk in the

room they pose like statues I size 'em all up, I used to take my pick But now I

am on some high powered new improved shit Deep down inside, it never goes away I

just might knock a few hoes today It's ok, I really get pay makin' phone calls

Told you once before, I am in it for the long haul The last in the business,

make the transition Do I have what it takes Or do you have the right intentions

to git with a playa Even if it means you gotta play the back ground so you can

see some green No video's or groupies, who ever got the talent Rush her to the

house and let her pose for the camera Don't let the freak in you keep you up all

night Get your money on girl, don't waste your life Repeat 1 until fade

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