Lets Make Tonight Special Lyrics

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Lets Make Tonight Special Lyrics

Artist Westlife

I'll give the world to make you mine 'Cause I can't go on without you this time

What are you doing tonight baby? Lets make tonight special All I am asking for

is a little word I look in your eyes (And) baby i see You are the only one i

ever need Right from the start you were There in my heart and soul Cause baby

tonight we'll make it right we'll light some candlelight make it all right cause

I can't go on without you this time..(this time) (CHORUS) So lets make tonight

special Something beautiful that We'll always treasure Lets make tonight so

right We will make it a night to remember All our lives Baby tonight I hold you

tight We will be close by the fireside Baby I know So strong, baby strong The

stars shine so bright The moon and the sky With you means more than life Since i

met you My heart has been true to you CHORUS So lets make tonight special..

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