Keep It Movin Lyrics

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Keep It Movin Lyrics

Artist Busta Rhymes

Intro: Busta Rhymes Aiyo, where my niggas at? Fuck, my niggas is at? Where my

Leaders Of The New School niggas is at? Yo, aiyo C Brown, C Brown where the fuck

you at, dun? Aiyo Milo, Milo and the dance, where the fuck you at, nigga? Aiyo

aiyo Dinco, where you at, son? Where the fuck my Leaders niggas is at, man? Fuck

man, I am ready to grab my niggas Them niggas need to go to blow or sometin Keep

it movin', keep it movin' (Runnin faster than the speed of a bullet) Keep it

movin', keep it movin' along, keep it movin' along (Has more rhymes than any

other DJ that has craps) Keep it movin', keep it movin' (Able to leap sucker

MC's in a single bound) Keep it movin', keep it movin' (Look at the jam of the

mic) Keep it movin' along, keep it movin' along (It's the L-the O-the N-the S)

Verse 1: Dinco, Milo Three in this to grass it up like me Besides TNT, see an N

and BG My visionary which is skippin on my D-O-G I guess it was a S-O-S from

G-O-D Chaos has arisen interteller space souls (SOULS!) Cellular, good ridance,

like keypads wit ol' bass Third planet states while the rest of the world waits

(WAITS!) Joy to the world, meaning hell, snow and earthquakes Participates,

modulates If comets were round plates, bitten names gates For only those that

???? relates, case after case (CASE!) Dinco's on the next space Movin

strategically in the Solar System's waste (RAHHH!) Size 25, the lymph still be

in place (HAHHH!) Stretch and extending, for flexin is impending It's not

mind-bending or *?refriending?* to keep remembering (HMMM!) Cos everybody's

people gonna die, or believe (WOO-HOO!) we dispense necessity, to shout and

receive KEEP IT MOVIN' ALONG People in the party, are you really feelin? We

ain't seein eye-to-eye so you ain't really seein (SEE!) I be hippin all type of

niggas, sayin fuck that nigga Blow When they see me in the party, they better

act like they know YO, we connectin dots that makes spots hot Uhh, to the

beat'cha (Y'ALL!), ah ya don't stop (STOP!) Notice, how many groups can

formulate then lose focus With a lot of hocus pocus, concepts that sound bogus I

am seein the world and all its different kind of poses (WOO!) Crush you like

roaches, that's keepin the crowd movin (HAA!) Mr and the dancers, who said

"Culture consumin?" Never face, he ????? ????? and strength Cos I can terminate,

like a dirty hypodermic needle My vision's clearer than the sights on an eagle

Stop them bustin high, bring the head back to my table Don't front, circle

circle, dot dot, you catch your speed, not Feel that, cos this type of vibe

sounds done (Far from the...., to the doe-run-run-run to the doe-run-run) (YES!)

Yes to the beat-boys and your ass accepted Exclusive, L-O-N-S bringin the

ruckus, wild aggressive Chorus: Keep it movin' along, keep it movin' along Keep

it movin', keep it movin', keep it movin' Keep it movin' along, keep it movin'

along Verse 2: Charlie Brown, Busta Rhymes Now don't get me wrong, CHILL!!! Let

me out, no question, no doubt ????? god is a drought I've come to wet the party

like a tropical depression ????? mixed with scherm for this musical session

(STOP!) stressin, testin, second-guessin, who's 'fessin? Life is a lesson in

disguise like a blessin Blinkin, kickin, better back up chickens The guns stun

split, I keep it real, front *?worm?* (*?WORM!?*) Cos I am like a ???? hands

therapeutic Measurements, square, feet, and cubic We're all makin pennies off a

record, so who needs the paper? (WHO?) The man in Manhatten lampin in the

skyscrapers How much can a nigga take before he break fool? I tell ya cool, with

the New School And the tool to examine my unorthodox pattern >From Mercury,

Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and don't forget Uranus, Neptune and

Pluto Flow deeper than the lava inside a volcano, bro (Never snitch, never

dominate I'll be wild, smokin drowsy) Fuckin up my economics, is it rather

ironic Sippin gin, juice and tonic Like Shawn Kemp with some hemp, super sound

and sonic Baby, above your head, below your feet and it still wimp C-Boogie

Brown, my shit is brilliant Yah yah, yah (AHH!) My shit be so ginamic and I ama

take 4 steps and cross the whole Titanic Better believe I (KEEP!) movin (OVER!)

people ????? You know my crew funk, bringin in full flaga' Bringin it back like

I am fresh out the box, pair of broke ass 69ers (IS THERE NUTTIN NEW?) All in

the house so open up your blinders Yo, I be the Moses takin poses When the wine

flows so beautiful like a large bouquet of roses Chorus: Keep it movin' along,

keep it movin' along Keep it movin', keep it movin' Verse 3: Busta Rhymes Keep

it movin now No need to try to stop it, we gon' wreck shit anyhow Your,

limitations is somethin I never will allow When we bake the cake, I be that

nigga that brings the icing Disregard your whole identity and revoke your

driver's licence You know I blast in your ass real fast Got your bladder

burning, desperate for a bathroom pass My ????? like a Busta Rhymes statue made

of grass C'mon, hypnotise some ass, shit so hot, better jump in the water, nigga

(SPLASH!) Breakin fools at parties like a ruckus sound class Make a philly down

the back and mix the weed with more hash I will wash away your pain like Draino

Erupting like the angriest volcano, or the wickedest whirlwind and tornado We

stay up in the streets, cruisin, me and my whole crew, gotta....... Chorus: Keep

it movin' along Keep it movin', keep it movin', keep it movin' Keep it movin'

along, keep it movin' along Keep it movin', keep it movin', keep it movin', keep

it movin' Keep it movin' along, keep it movin' along Keep it movin', keep it

movin', keep it movin', keep it movin' Keep it movin' along, keep it movin'

along Keep it movin' Outro: This one goes out to the three brothers that I love

the most, in memory of this song My man Ratto, my man Big Joe, my nigga Love

Them niggas rest, most comfortable Peace, L-O-N-S, forever

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