Just Do It Lyrics

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Just Do It Lyrics

Artist Goodie Mob

hook We'll I am just gonna tell you We ain't bout' that talking homeboy, we'll

do it And all that acting you doing, we see through it Fuck hollering and

screaming lets get to it, lets get to it (Cee-Lo) Now I say my rap reflect the

enemy Passion and positive energy Y'all talk about killing, it don't surprise me

Tripping bout' a nigga, don't judge me wisely But I ain't bout' to holler or

scream at you You can look in my eyes and tell what I'd do I am a charge at

niggas and you know I am true But goddammit, fuck nigga this one for you I know

how it go, I done been out there before Heard its goddamn ?time to blow?

Stomping niggas down till they don't want no more Trying to get some Polo's

straight out the store Some gone, some just can't let it go I might laugh and

joke, but I'll let a nigga know I am the same motherfucker from 84 And I still

do it in the aftershow And I don't like to feel like I am being tried I ain't

bullet-proof, plenty nigga done died But I damn sho' ain't finna go and hide I

got one on me, and I am down to ride I ain't trying to say I got all the game I

got fame, but a million I can't claim So respect me playa, and I'll do the same

But neither one is guaranteed to have the best aim hook (T-Mo) The revolution

has begun........... Handle your business playa Devoted to the game, and dope

cut-throat ways will get you paid in full Pull a rabbit out the hat trick,

magical quick Slick its like a porn flick Umm... Imagine having money so big It

makes you look like a pig Get your big behind You remind me of swine with your

fat nose Stuck in your pose and ?thread bed? that shawty Lame with your game,

put it all on the table Got your label and your fast cars, and your bodyguard

looking hard Throwing your cheese, for them rats its snacks I am like a egg

bout' to hatch Tony, horny, I am macaroni Commercialize suckers looking like

busters I'd ride for the kings and queens of my motherfucking team Spark in the

night, ummmm we bout to fight Haters, come and say that shit, Dammit these fools

gonna have to take us together How the fuck, ever you want it, get to it SWATS

hook (Khujo) The streets making you feel like a real G But we Georgia finest,

our Fulton County fleet You still putting thangs up in your mouth Cause you been

pacifired, since you was knee-high All your life in school, thats the reason why

you couldn't learn nothing Runt, at the tender age of 18, books no longer hold

your attention span Short term, but you can sho' enough count that green

Something you just can't coach Don't sing it, bring it I usually caught me at

least one fool a game You can only phanthom pain, I don't have to But don't let

me get on a case of this drank Leak to my heart, elevate to my brain Make you

wanna walk that plank You'd better swim motherfucker Cause bullshit don't float

You are what you eat See you remind of this goat that I had by the hairs of his

chinny-chin-chin Curbing over some yellow rice, you can't do shit Might as well

hit the graveyard shift Somewhere at McDonalds or Burger King Grab a taste or

spill, over some hairs, nobody cares And we do assholes that grip leather chairs

hook (Big Gipp) I used to hang out, smoke out, fuck out, bang out Run your mouth

wrong, got your front tooth took out On the spot bodies with no heads, no legs,

no feet Left em' out in the open scoping that ass out for weeks Never speaking,

busting, breaking brains Berettas brought the rain back and forth Trigger

action, snatch it up, load it up Hit the door, gotta call, yo' he at the mall

Fuck it all, hit em' one, two, three times I was scared the first shot, but

liked the second and third Left him hollering and screaming, dreaming for

another chance to live Had it up yesterday, but today its mine Bust your ass one

more time, for the niggas on the grind So go and hide hook

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