Just About Over Lyrics

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Just About Over Lyrics

Artist Goodie Mob

Intro/Chorus: Cee-Lo and others (singing) Heyy, so they tell me, it's just about

over Ohhh yeahhh-yeah, ohhhh yeahh-yeah So they tell me, it's just about over

Ohhh yeahhh-yeah, ohhhhhh yeahh-yeah Verse One: Cee-Lo (singing) Well I am

lonely, and no one understands The show has fallen, into the wrong hands I am

blinded, to see all that's passed To know it was possible, to be a sadist I have

nothing, more to give I have lost my, will to live I lost my pride, lost my joy,

and now I've lost my fear I'd rather die, because I, am just that, unhappy here

Chorus Verse Two: Gipp, Khujo Man it's 20/20, uhh It's gettin hard, to Main

Street, the Boulevard Earth warmin, causin the ozone to fall apart Spark

rebellion, I ama go to, guillotine the Palestines too, divide the land right,

between you Seas cross, dirt road walked A lot of folks that don't talk Some

that thought they made it got caught Slay the wicked, spirit'll soon fix it It's

gettin colder I wonder how much older 'fore it's all over Not long, it was sad,

how you killed my son on the four-zero-five, changin, his flat tire Suspect's a

white male, lead, a possible robbery Hurts my heart that we start off this year

like this, players in position to make differences but be, charged with rape,

with all that debit while you had it, to take the ?gushy? Twenties frozen this

time At this North/South planet clinic where abortions are performed Verse

Three: T-Mo From the start, I see the end Will we be friends in the end Took you

with me, solo creeps Never wakin lay next to me sleep Hate to use you, don't

abuse you I won't lose you, fought to keep you He dyin to meet you,

confrontation of the tainted thought, of me lettin you step to I got caught,

messin up again I just can't win, tryin not to sin When crackin the gin, makin

fat distends in a time we need to be sober On my way through Georgia, headed

back to Florida with the Jimmy called Peanuts, mind in the O, headed to a show

Gone with the strong, up out the do', now.. Chorus Chorus *singer repeats 'over'

until the final riff of the song*

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