Haters And Fools Lyrics

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Haters And Fools Lyrics

Artist Beenie Man

Verse 1: Tell mi when, To come over to be slaped around Bitches will slap me if

I don't give them what they want People playa hating otha people will it end,

listen to my blend Tell dem come again, fake ass niggas they can neva be my

friend Back stabbing fool I think it's time you comprehend Wi making crazy money

so stop watching what wi spend Wi multiply by ten, Selassi fly di gate, And

trample all my enemies cause man ah hold di faith Nah go call mi name mi friend

cause nuff ah dem nuh straight Wi busy making money nuff ah dem ah playa hate,

di fassy dem ah bait Well Beenieman yuh great, survival of di fittest all di

vibes I generate, I get my recognition from di dance I penetrate And people give

mi love fi all di style weh mi create And even to this date, nuff ah dem nuh

rate Di works dat I perform and all di good I instigate Suh yuh waan fi run di

place? well yuh betta wait Cause nuff a unno whaa fi box di food outta mi plate,

unno ole pirate Chorus: Haters and fools (Wi tell dem now) Cant eat no food

(Badman nuh bow) Holding mi down, don't waan dem around (zagga-zagga-zow) Some

acting crazy, for money and cars (zagga-zagga-zow) And want to see... You go

behind bars Verse 2: They wanna si mi die, they wanna si mi die no doubt

Beenieman trying and they all wanna get mi out Know dat they don't like mi from

di day I came about Fassies are behind mi back running up dem mouth Way wi

running 20 deep mi niggas got clout Big up mi colleagues who making money down

south Sailing the carribean in million dollar boats In winter we'll be wearing

fur coats Unfortunately, mi and di fassies dem at war Judging from my jewelry

you can tell I am ah star No ordinary fool can push ah 50-G car Nuff ah dema

suffa and wi all know who they are Lot ah dem nuh like wi cause dem money sit in

jar Wi making fat bank accounts and living like tzar Stiches are ah ting fi mi

to be behind bar This time they went a little too far Repeat Chorus

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