Get At Me Dog (Bad Boy Remix) Lyrics

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Get At Me Dog (Bad Boy Remix) Lyrics

Artist DMX

Intro: Styles: What! Niggaz can't fuck with us DMX: Get at me dog. My niggaz

Styles: That's my word! Verse One: DMX I am the type to kick back and look at

shit, 'cause crooked shit gets me amped And what you don't know, will get you

locked in sleep away camp. Grand champ and raise more hell, than a Sorrel See

you at the peephole, bustin' at the doorbell Though I wasn't coming without mine

You put me on the front line because you doubt mine Bet your and lost yours, you

come to get your I tossed yours And it cost yours, fuck y'all niggaz stupid, I

am the boss dog What more dirt must I do, plus my crew Busts at you, and you be

like "What's that oooh" What's that Clue, do I bring the noise what Destroy

these mutts, is these niggaz toys or what Bring all the pretty niggaz thinking

they shitty, what a pity Lemme show them niggaz shitty some pity, but for fifty

A motherfucker will get a bullet to hum to him, put the gun to him Hit 'em with

something that comes to him, bet it runs through him Look at what I done to him,

no more smiles Got the whole top half of his head, running wild But you don't

hear me though, so I turn out the lights We can take it to the streets dog, turn

off the mics If you want war, then you want more, than you can stand And this

44, will leave you with your dick in the sand Who the man, and now you cats know

for real Get at me dog, (bark), what the deal Verse Two: Styles Y'all niggaz

fucking with the L.O.X. Your stuck on a rock Got that Alcatraz flow You just

don't know Lifetime kid caged in blazin' Any type of rapper or federal agent

Paniro the made man, blade man Stand up type of guy, your living a lie Niggaz

wanna be pretty and fly but kiddies will die The dogs run the city, bet fifty on

mine Two grams for you to sniff, how silly am I Got a lot of jokes don't, kill

yo ass won't I Maybe not if the spot is filled up with po 9 Many niggaz get it

confused, blame the rules Only ask the how's not the who's Better off busting

your tool, then we might get the crew But as far as rap goes, you a

motherfucking fool If you don't want chips, you should have stayed in school You

and 8-ball nigga, you wanna play pool I'll put you in the side pocket, look at

the size of my rocket Styles don't lie, cop the work then clock it Boxes full of

boots, jeans, suits and watches Niggaz don't pump if they can't make a profit

Stop it, before we pull it back then cop it Vacant lot niggaz come through then

we lock it (WHAT, WHAT, WHAT) Verse Three: Jadakiss With no glocks I am in your

town with five locks Take five blocks, come back with five trucks, with knots

It's the L.O.X, three niggaz that listen and watch And nigga you know, whenever

we spit, it's hot It be that new flow, my niggaz, fly niggaz Always high niggaz,

ready to die niggaz As far as I am hearing, y'all doing a lot of comparing Lemme

get the one clearance like a sample 'Kiss is the champ and I know that you don't

wanna get stamped Left somewhere cramp, so when it rains, you get damp Niggaz is

done, since poppy raised his son When bringing in drums, to bring all g's to

bums Whether you can flow or not ain't the issue You don't Jay to kiss you, his

lyrics pierce the gristle Take a puff then a swig Think about how I am gonna

hold it down for Big, my motherfucking nig. Your money is low, and your flow

been late While I be coming through with new shit with tint plates The only

higher than money, is respect The only thing hotter than my click, is a tek So

when I hit you with these last bars around your neck You gonna know never to

fuck around with L-O-X nigga (WHAT, YEAH) Verse Four: Sheek Luchion My bank

account be doubling While you niggaz stay in trouble and L.O.X. stay fly Three

niggaz jig-I Shit you never seen before, Feds hit the repo law Kingpin, 10 mil.

each of us popular It's Sheek baby Chicks hate to see me on the Soul Train With

Don Cornelius And all they got is alias To work with To catch Sheek, y'all

niggaz besta work quick Now that I am eating right, plus living well So nowadays

when I burp, it's fettucini you smell Ain't that right poppa-san, used to push a

Nissan With a black master full 850 full suspension While you collect your

pension, I ain't worked in years My stomach is fat from Puerto Rican food, while

yours is scarce Small black haired, chinky-eyed Puerto Rican mama Keep them

laced in the scadda, half the closet on product I learn things, just by wa4ching

y'all niggaz make the wrong moves Now I know what not to do, to make more than

y'all fools Y'all think we ignorant, 'cause we don't budge unless we benefit

Cats that take the light that's scarce and see what's at the end of it P.H. me,

because a nigga wisks me up in Jake B. Your shit be so-so, low pro. On a bus

before the cars show On some old joystick shit, no mirrors I can see behind me

through the cameras Flip plates, make the whole block go bananas

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