Finish Line Lyrics

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Finish Line Lyrics

Artist Busta Rhymes

This is dedicated to all those who don't see it coming... Chorus: Busta Rhymes

You can live true baby, you can live trife Whatever way you chose you got to

leave your life Aiyyo you're running out of time, and you bout to cross The

finish line, the finish line (repeat Chorus) Verse One: Busta Rhymes And, yo! I

can't afford to waste a second Steppin with my eyes on niggaz checkin on my

weapons Every millisecond, motherfuckers say they true to this But when they

grab the microphone they shit sound like stupidness *beatboxing* Hah, mad to

pull another vicious scandal I know that you can't handle when I flip from other

angles now Feel my hot wax, burning from my melting candles You can't take the

heat, so you switch from boots to wearing sandals This is for example! Shit will

make a nigga curse When worse comes to worse, you be the first to disperse now

We don't BELIEVE your man was living like that Hoping to find that nigga see

exactly where his heart was at It's a damn shame how Son know your style, know

your name Watch how he pull your file, make you wish you never fuckin came NOW

Even the hardest motherfucker has his final day So kill that shit you talkin,

and be about your fuckin way Chorus 2X Verse Two: Busta Rhymes Yo, everyday I

see you on the block smoking With a bunch of niggaz scoping on how they can

split you WIDE open You don't even know what's going on up in your circle Awful

murder niggaz itch to leave you black blue and purple Ahh, your man came to put

you on and tried to make you bleed Hit you with some shit that left you flippin

mad in disbelief You just can't believe that niggaz that you smoke with is on it

And the way they rass they really got to bust yo' shit! Thought your man was

joking, paid no attention to the situation Got with your crew and just continued

smoking Now your man sit and watch you panic In any other situation you'd be

fronting like you gigantic I guess all that fronting is your main talent It's

apparent, he can see right through you like you transparent Hah, aiyyo you need

to watch your back you running out of time Watch your step, cuz you only inches

from the finish line Chorus 2X Verse Three: Busta Rhymes Now, there's about a

million motherfuckers on your trail Quick to bust your shit for every single

time your words failed I am watchin all the moves you makin fuck the speculatin

Super-bitch nigga you just be fakin if I am not mistakin Every move you fake you

dig your grave a little deeper Come around me with that shit I ama flip it to my

brother's keeper Listen to this: overstress my emphasis I insist to fix and

bring the noise as long as I exist Now you walk around the streets with all that

shit you speak And step inside the club just to receive the illest ass beating

HOO! Take a look around you get no type of sympathy Impatiently, I sit and watch

you die in your own iniquity Hah, now you out dead and stinkin, and your eyes

are no longer blinkin Time caught up quick, with your little BITCH way of

thinkin Ahh, watch you diminish, while your niggaz have to put a finish On your

misleading false image Chorus 5X Word is bond, bond is life You shall be willing

to give your life Before your words shall fail All those who out there frontin,

misleading they peoples Actin other than they really are It will catch up to you

player, word is bond So that's, specifically, to all those fake motherfuckers

Living out here on that bullshit Trying to act like they know what the fuck's

going on

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