Do You Believe (Hova Interlude) Lyrics

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Do You Believe (Hova Interlude) Lyrics

Artist Jay-Z

Well, I am the ghetto's answer to Trump I am cancer to the Hamptons 20 million a

wop, brand sac and mansions Increase the noise pollution, as soon as I land in

Don't even trust uppity white folks Keep the cannon tuck Niggas trying to lean

on Jay, shots gonna stand you up Glocks gonna pop, ya not understandin much I

hustle for the thuggest Well, now I hustle for the rust, like fuck it baby I

just love it Chicks now say they like the way I thug it Since my album

dropped,my stock grows like I went public Ladies I love ya But I love my freedom

more I love my niggas, love to see them ball I love Bean's and Bleek Them niggas

like my Peter and Paul My disciples, and that's right we coming for the

title..... Do you believe, it's Hova the God

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