Crossroads Lyrics

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Crossroads Lyrics

Artist LL Cool J

The wind is howlin the rain pours down eyes are blood-shot heartbeat pounds.

Lights go out the whole world's in darkness the ground is tremblin' dogs are

barkless. In the sky there appears a great light burnin' all the flesh off the

creatures of the night. AAAHHHH! Cryin' in a childless (?) tone terrified of

dyin' a painful death alone. Don't smile lest a innocent (?) chile The power of

god is gonna get to be your tal (?). Throw like a hit from the best take it in a

slump ha ha feel it in your chest. Conquerin the world with the words leadin the

children like herds. I can feel it buildin I am about to explode I am walkin on

the crossroad [REFRAIN] (x2) People livin in a shack - at the crossroads Little

kids sellin crack - at the crossroads (?) stab you in the back - at the

crossroads Everybodies gettin jacked at the crossroads Violins and trumpets play

25 thousand people in a golden sleigh on there way to the promise land.

Deliverance but yet some don't understand. Rough on a late night thrill after

midnight kill or be killed. Soldiers, warriors (?) at each other on the combat

zone. Supreme power on the throne. Lighting strikes in every home. Terrified men

run down the street. So many dead bodies it's hard to eat. Come, we gotta rise

above the wall. To see what no man has seen before. Blindin' light that got you

through the night. God is on your side to got in a fight. [REFRAIN] Homicide

suicide death. BOOM! Ain't nobody left. Ohhhh! It's startin to take affect. Your

on your knees you scared to death. Tornados with a thousand people spinnin. One

fight at the cross and now god is winin. The whole Earth cracks in half. The sea

turns red from the blood bath. Abandoned buildings burned and two remain (?).

Terrified you feel the fire blaze. The ground can't hold your weight. You reach

out to grab the pearly gates. Who clocked this f*** not from space. Never again

will you see the human race. 19 angels leadin the devil straight to hell!

Torment! Pain! What you're seein here you can't explain. All your life some men

we played the game. Never realize that there's a flame. [REFRAIN]

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