Clowns Lyrics

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Clowns Lyrics

Artist Too Much Joy

When I was a kid my dad had pictures of these clowns He hung them on my wall and

wouldn't let me take them down I didn't understand then and I still can't figure

out What those goddamn clowns were so sad about A clown was my boss at every job

I ever had Clowns run all the record companies that ever said we're bad A clown

pretended to be a girl who pretended to be my friend Ths world is run by clowns

who can't wait for it to end I have yet to meet a kid not scared to death of

clowns They can't walk and they don't talk they've got painted on frowns A clown

with a gun I hope I never see Would he shoot himself or shoot me? A clown taught

every class I took at my old high school Clowns all wear Speedos when they hang

out by the pool Clowns dress up like cops and threaten to call my folks This

town is filled with clowns who don't get my jokes They fall on their asses It

takes lots of practice I have nightmares filled with clowns and you're there too

You have a big red nose and stupid floppy shoes You're becoming one I can see

the signs I hate clowns almost as much as I hate mimes

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