Another Night Lyrics

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Another Night Lyrics

Artist Real McCoy

1-Another night, another dream, and always you It's like a vision of love that

seems to be true Another night, another dream, and always you In the night I

dream of a love so true Just another night, another vision of love You feel joy,

you feel pain 'Cause nothing will be the same Just another night, it's all that

it takes To understand the difference between lovers and fakes, oh baby 2-I

talk, talk, I talk to you In the night in your dream of love so true (rpt 2)

3-In the night, in my dreams I am in love with you 'Cause you talk to me, like

lovers do I feel joy, I feel pain, 'cause it's still the same when the night is

gone I'll be alone (rpt 1) Just another night, another dream Another vision of

love, And we are here to set you free I am the lover, your lover Hey, sister,

let me cover your body with my loving Is my loving just a number? 4-Vision of

love that seems to be true we will do all the things that only lovers do (rpt 4,

3, 1, 2, 2, 3, 1)

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