Anarchy Lyrics

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Anarchy Lyrics

Artist Busta Rhymes

[CHORUS] What this world is comin to, to, to Can you see, see, see, see What's

in store for you, for you, you, you, you, you, you, you [Verse 1] Yo, right

before I lay your soul to sleep Witness the day of your wreckin and wit god on

the street Behold! What the fuck y'all niggas come around here for We massacre

the masses so therefore Here's your, invitation to explore The way we gather up

niggas to thoroughly rep for My street niggas, C'mon! Stressed niggas, C'mon!

Hungry niggas, C'mon! Yes, yes y'all, C'mon! Hope my live motherfuckers pass the

test y'all Prepare for high retribution, and I hope God bless y'all (bless

y'all) Fuck shit up and watch the truth manifest y'all (fest y'all) Feel it in

your guts and the burnin in your chest y'all (chest y'all) Pushin through just

like a wild flood With such a pain that's so intense it make y'all wanna cry

blood My slang talk earned a scholarship, from how to style a chick Influnce

rulership and earn another dollar quick (quick) You need to do the philisophical

research Fuck around and be the next to die you better leave first Yo, my whole

crew extra large, stay charged Like polytheism havin belief in many gods I gotta

handful of niggas wit a sick disease Die close to destructive anti-social

tendencies Yo, turn up the treble just a level Analyze the science deeper than

when Musa symbolized the devil Now let me ask y'all CHORUS [you are now in the

current state of Anarchy] [Verse 2] Ha, all hell break loose Yo, we fight to the

end and never call for a truce Y'all niggas better pick and choose and select

the battles wisely Always with the same approach and never once surprised me Ha,

however how clever Niggas is fighting for mad cheddar Yo, cold like the wind

blow in the winter Make you remember the torture like the frostbite that bit off

your finger This Means War, I said it before Adrenaline rush, heart beat rapid,

sweat wet up the floor Try to threat and wanna battle me nigga I ama show you

the major differnce between a dream and reality nigga Yo, then I continuously

hype up a nation Huddle wit my niggas plan for tomorrow go into isolation And

analyze how many niggas gon lose Tryin to squeeze they foot up in a pair of

great man shoes And analyze how we was needed to live Carry out my dooney give

the most thanks and be appreciative Pass this to all my seeds after me Represent

and fight to be that everything my seeds want me to be The economy has been at

it's best, to all my niggas hungry Let's keep weavin and magical methods of

makin money So I ama rep at my fullest, you can't spark me And fight the hardest

in the grim current state of Anarchy... CHORUS

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